Agnelli officially exits Juventus, Gianluca Ferrero assumes role of president

The Andrea Agnelli era at Juventus is officially over.

The club appointed a new Board of Directors earlier today following the mass resignation of the previous board members in late November, including Agnelli, Pavel Nedved, and Maurizio Arrivabene.

Following this morning’s gathering, the Bianconeri announced Gianluca Ferrero was appointed as the club’s new president, ending Agnelli’s nearly 13-years long tenure.

“I’ve assumed the role of president of Juventus with great emotion and with great pride,” announced Ferrero.

“In this my first public appearance, a thought of deep gratitude goes to the presidents that have preceded me, some of whom I have spent periods of my life with.”

“My first thought as president goes to the fans of this team, fans who have always been its strength and heart.”

He continued, “In the meeting, but also previously, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk to some of them and I found them full of doubt and fear, worried about the future of our club and team. I want to be very clear.”

“When I made this commitment, I took it with the idea of giving my best. Together with the Board of Directors elected today and the new Chief Executive Officer, we will work to build a future for Juventus that is worthy of its past, a glorious past spanning 125 years that has led this club to sporting glory and to become the strongest Italian football club.”

Finally, “When I speak about Juventus, I am talking about all of Juventus, those that work on the pitch and those that work off the pitch.”

“As you know, challenges await us in the coming months and that we as the Board of Directors believe we have the experience, competence and determination to defend Juventus and our team in front all the competent institutions, whether criminal, sporting or civil.”

“We will do it with determination and rigour, we will also do it calmly and without any form of arrogance. We have always respected and will always respect all those called on to judge us, but what we want is equal respect for us, for the club and for our team, to be able to discuss with seriousness and rigour in front of the competent institutions the motivation behind our actions.”